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Classic Aircraft & Auto Inc.

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Online Store

LK-10 Heavy Duty 1968 to 1982 Corvette Upper A Arm Spreader Bar


This bar is designed to stiffen the upper suspension on any C3 or C2 Corvette.  The photo included is designed for a Big Block with electric cooling fans and a no option car like the L88.  I also manufacture the same unit that is not welded for small blocks and big blocks with the standard water pump pulleys and stock fan.  This will require welding and placement to insure proper clearances.  This is designed from 1/4 inch boiler plate with heavy duty heims.  New special design self locking nuts are included with this kit to attach to the upper A arm bolts.  Our spreader bar is much heavier than others in construction plus is manufactured to close tolerances for proper fit and finish with close tolerance hardware.  DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE CHEAPER EXAMPLES!

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